Trowbridge Town Bowls Club

Club History

1923 - Founding Year of Trowbridge Town Bowls Club

A meeting was held at the park pavilion in April 1923 with the object of forming a Town Bowls Club to play on the new green in the Peoples Park. It was unanimously decided to form a club to be called Trowbridge Town Bowls Club.

The annual subscription for foundation members was fixed at £1 of which 17s 6d would be paid to the council for season tickets. There were 30 names handed in of intending members.It was arranged that the green would be officially opened on Wednesday May 23rd, when the donor of the land for the park extension, Mr Walter Jenkins of London, would bowl the first wood. There would be a match between a team of past and present councillors and a team from the newly formed Town Bowls Club. Tea would be at 4-30pm in the town hall gardens and the Comrades Band would play in the bandstand in the evening.Unfortunately Mr Jenkins was confined to bed with a temperature and was unable to attend. So Mrs Lee the sister of Mr Jenkins, unlocked the pavilion to open the club.In the early days of the bowls club, players used the council s woods. However there were not always enough woods to meet demand so the council had to purchase more.Anyone could play on the payment of 5d to include woods and slips (overshoes) and it was hoped that the general public would take advantage of this opportunity. The council looking to make some revenue charged a fee of 3d to enter the bowls enclosure to watch the bowls from the terrace.On Saturday July 9th 1923 the first match between Trowbridge Town Bowls Club and the Westbourne Recreation Club took place at home with the latter winning by 13 shots.The return match on August 18th resulted in a win for the town by 8 shots.

The first annual meeting of Trowbridge Town Bowls Club took place in the town hall. The first seasons membership was 52. It was recommended that the club would apply to the county association for admission.In it' s first season, the club played two matches against Westbourne, two against Melksham Town and a match against the Avon Sports club Melksham, winning two and losing three. 

1924 - Present Day 


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